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"The idea for Airmatch, a digital platform for the aviation industry, was born in late 2014 and while my business partner and I felt strongly that it was a great opportunity, neither of us had ever created a website let alone built a business from it.

We quickly realised that we were going to need some help and decided to start sharing the idea with various business angels, start-up incubators and accelerators. I was discussing this one day with a good friend from Sandhurst days who was soon to leave the Army and start a business with his brother who told me of the help offered by Heropreneurs. 

As a source of business mentoring for ex-military personnel, it struck me as the ideal place to go to get some assistance and encouragement. Not only that, but the recommendation was from a trusted person in similar circumstances, my very first experience of the power of the Heropreneurs networking engine. 

Heropreneurs has offered us tremendous help and were very quick and eager to get involved which gave us added confidence that we were doing the right things. Having run the idea past Peter Mountford to get a feel for the potential of the business and whether he and the team could help, we were given great encouragement and buoyed by his enthusiasm towards the idea.

Having the support of experienced people that believe in the idea as strongly as we do has been invaluable motivation as we continue to build the platform and begin to start testing the market with a prototype. 

For anyone in the military community in business, either looking for help or looking to provide help, Heropreneurs is a no-brainer: the friendly, patient advice, where profit is not the first thought, and the supportive, like-minded environment at the monthly networking sessions provides a good early testing ground for ideas and opportunity to get connected to the right people."

Rick Hilton, Founder, Airmatch


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