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“I was always ambitious to start my own company and after 6 months of thinking it through during the first half of 2014 I decided that I would be able to found a successful private tuition agency; despite my limited resources and my less than strictly relevant military background.

By starting lean, using my previous career as a unique selling point and by actively seeking out as much advice as possible, I have managed to build a website, run various marketing campaigns, complete company administration, and now, after less than half a year, I am advancing the business model to trial my tutors in schools and even send them abroad. This is beyond anything that I planned or expected, and our customer feedback has been excellent.

Heropreneurs was critical to this success. The mentoring and advice that I have been given was valuable in and of itself. In particular, I followed Peter Mountford’s guidance and rebranded after only a few months; in large part to give added emphasis to my previous role as a Captain in the British Army. I also find my monthly discussions with Peter an invaluable opportunity to ruminate over the direction the company is going, to evaluate all parts of the enterprise and to test my instincts against the experience and cool-headed objectivity that Peter can provide.  Going to the monthly networking events, briliantly stage managed by Stuart Nicol, also gave me the chance to share my experience with others.

I really recommend that former servicemen and women who are looking to start their own business begin by contacting Heropreneurs. They are quick to establish a relationship, very approachable, enthusiastic and, what none us can be, they are business-wise.  It will never be easy to establish your own company but Heropreneurs are a genuine force multiplier.”

Simon Lawrence, Founder, Brightfire Tutors.

Brightfire Tutors

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