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"I had the idea of creating a rucksack for drummers out of necessity.  I needed some sort of portable container to consolidate my snare drum, cymbals and foot pedals. The initial idea that became the Percussion Patrol Stomper XL, fell out of a Camden pub gig in the autumn of 2014. I approached a reputable manufacturer and offered them the opportunity to assist me with an idea. Although they were already established in the Defence Industry, this was breaking new ground for them and even more so for me; as I’d never even considered starting a business.

2015 started well and prototypes were taking shape. By the summer the confidence I had in turning the idea into a business was fading and I realised that I needed independent sound advice.  I first became aware of the work of Heropreneurs when I started resettlement. To be honest, it sounded too good to be true and I’m usually cautious of this type of offer.  But after a visit to their website, I realised that Heropreneurs is genuine and I instinctively the information presented. 

From the very first interaction, Heropreneurs lifted my confidence and this made such an impact.  There was no messing about and they responded quickly and were eager to get involved. I was reassured that I wasn’t making a mistake with my business venture.

As my personal mentor, Peter Mountford immediately grasped the concept and he connected with it.  He could visualise the business and could see my potential.  The live feedback and no nonsense business approach is remarkable; I was particularly impressed when he emailed a top legal firm for patent advice in the middle of a live chat. The result of which undoubtedly saved me at least a year and thousands of pounds.

I cannot stress how reassuring it is to have the support of Heropreneurs. For anyone that has been within the UK military community and thinking about getting into business; there is no question of whether is worth applying for the support of these highly experienced professional businessmen.

The support and experience that we often take for granted in the military is simply not there if you choose to develop your own business. It’s a tough environment to survive in and starting a business project unprepared is daunting. It makes a real difference with Heropreneurs and I would certainly not have got this far without their help".


David Tyler, Founder, Percussion Patrol

Percussion Patrol

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