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“We started working with Heropreneurs in March 2015.  The idea for Corporate Caveman, a wellbeing company focused on employee health, came into fruition in January 2015.  A friend who had launched Handy Heroes Construction recommended I reach out to Peter Mountford and Stuart Nicol at Heropreneurs.

The turn response from Heropreneurs was very impressive.  Once Heropreneurs had agreed to mentor the idea the support was instant.  This was crucial to us - we were yet to pour money or time into the idea and the reassurance that the business had legs allowed us to commit to the launch. 

The founders of Corporate Caveman have a background in pro sport and the Parachute Regiment but lacked commercial acumen.  The guidance that Heropreneurs gave us around funding and launching the company could not have been gleaned from a book, and trial and error could have proved costly and time consuming.  The day to day tactics were ours but the strategy was shaped heavily by Peter.

Once launched we had immediate access to networks - both potential customers and other startups.  Our biggest customer was introduced by Heropreneurs.  In particular Heropreneurs networking events, superbly organized by Stuart Nicol, provide both a support group and a classic business network.

The transition from the military and sport can prove traumatic and is often neither chosen or carefully planned.  The launch was a leap of faith but mentorship from Heropreneurs provided the confidence to invest money and time”.  

Will Lock, Founder, Corporate Caveman

Corporate Caveman

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