Get to know ex-solider-turned-photographer Dave Mackay

Regular visitors to this site will have likely already read about The Bigger Picture: artist Freddy Paske and photographer Dave Mackays year-long project to highlight the illegal poaching of animals that occurs across the globe, but now you can find out more about the man behind the lens.

This excellent interview by details Dave’s life in the Army, his reason for turning to photography and the many adventures his chosen career has taken him on.

“I started shooting film when I was 15 years old,” explains Dave in the interview. “My grandmother bought me a Praktica BMS with all the lenses for my birthday.

“At the time buying and developing film soaked up all my (parent’s) spare cash but I got through Ilford black and white film and Colorama stock at an alarming rate.

“Learning how film reacted to light and how I could influence it formed the basis of my passion at that early stage. I also learned to visualise the final image before committing to the shot, something that I think is very important,” he adds.

You can read more of the interview here.

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