New Strategic Partnership with Veteran Owned UK

Heropreneurs is very pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Veteran Owned UK, the largest UK Online Business Directory for UK military veterans. Veteran Owned UK was started in July 2017 by Scott Johnson, a former Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal Engineer, after seeing several similar directories on the internet for American Veteran Owned Businesses, and has grown to over 650 members.

The strategic partnership between the two organisations will involve cooperating in order to promote and expand each other’s organisations. Members of Heropreneurs will also be entitled to a 20% discount on Veteran Owned UK’s paid subscription rates.

After searching the internet to find a British version to choose to support his fellow Veterans, Scott found that there was nothing available. Within 2 hours, there was. Scott purchased the Domain name, set up a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account and started the journey.

Originally, Scott thought that the Website could be set up and would almost self-manage itself through individuals filling in an online form and that generating the Directory. The more he promoted the Social Media side, the more he found that there was an amazing group of diverse businesses out there looking for a community to join and support each other.
One Veteran summed it up to Scott: the Veteran explained that he loved the idea of a Veteran Owned Directory. He didn’t want the public to see him as a charity case or being “broken”. He wanted to be seen as a capable, driven, individual who was out there carving his own place.

Scott wants the public to be able to choose to support a Veteran by using their business. It may be to buy a product, or to utilise a service from the business, but it will directly put money in to that Veteran Owned Business which is a huge boost in this current financial climate. Anyone should choose to use a Veteran Owned Business as the business is built around military principles such as Integrity, Attention to Detail, Willingness to see a job through, and a Desire to Serve.

Scott explains; “The website is our “Shop Front” where the public can find the businesses listed with us. We also have a “Back Room” in the form of a Facebook Group that is just for Veterans who own a business, are self-employed or are looking to start a business. This is the heart of the community and where members can help and support each other, regularly pass on contacts to each other, form partnerships, pass work referrals, ask and answer business related questions. We run free webinars on business topics with business experts to add value to individuals’ businesses or start up plans. We also run physical Networking Events to bring people together with Guest Speakers covering Business Topics.”

Veteran Owned UK’s aim is to gain Veteran Owned Businesses greater exposure to the public through a user-friendly online Directory. They also want to support Veteran Owned Businesses to build closer working relationships between the Veteran Owned Community.
In short, they want to be like “Checkatrade” but for Veteran Owned Businesses of any type. Their aim is to have 19,000 businesses listed in 5 years but hopefully will continue to grow past that and build a larger community from the estimated 187k active Veteran Owned Businesses in the UK currently