Who we are and what we stand for

What is Heropreneurs?

Led by a dedicated team of volunteers, Heropreneurs is a charity that has supported entrepreneurial military veterans and their spouses for over a decade. At the heart of Heropreneurs is our Mentoring Programme – all of our Mentors are successful entrepreneurs and business people and none of them are paid or receive any commercial benefit.

Support is available to assist any member, or former member of the Armed Services, or their dependents, who are creating or growing their own business. Our mentors provide objective, independent, advice and guidance through the fledgling years of a new business and beyond.  We don’t provide investment and discourage our Mentors from investing in our mentees during the Mentoring Programme, but our Mentors can provide advice on funding if required.

With a growing back catalogue of successful start-ups and business leaders as proof that veterans founding their own businesses is worthwhile, Heropreneurs aims to challenge the perception of veterans and the ex-military community and bring recognition to their success stories.

How it works

The failure rate of new businesses in their first 4 years is over 50%. When entrepreneurs approach Heropreneurs for support or guidance, we have to challenge their idea or venture to reduce their risk of failure. We aren’t shy of giving it straight and even advise and can help people to get a job rather than start a business.

We welcome any business idea of any scale – a tiny seed of thought through to a successful business that wants to scale up – and in any industry – food through to technology. Veterans and spouses will submit an application which will be put through its paces. If it stands up to scrutiny, we match the mentee with a mentor and from there every journey is different.

We have over 45 mentors, 69 current mentees and a large number of successful businesses to date. We really hope that yours could be one of them.

Why we do it?

It’s simple, we believe that veterans and military spouses have much more to give than their time in the forces. They are an invaluable part of the economy and their characteristics and experience set them apart from other business leaders and entrepreneurs. Every Heropreneurs team member, volunteer and mentor, feels strongly that they should be supported to achieve.

Recognising Achievement

Of course, it’s not just the recipients of Heropreneurs mentorship that are driving forward in the commercial field. In 2018 we wanted to recognise achievement across the entire veteran entrepreneur and business leader community. So we launched the Heropreneur Awards. With 10 categories, open to veterans and dependants, it is growing year on year. This year we have had more interest from bigger names and sponsors and look forward to celebrating with the shortlisted and winners in November. Entries for the awards are open until May the 24th so if you think you have what it takes to win, or know someone that does, enter now on the website.