“Ecomotive Logistics is a premium B2B and B2C automotive transport company. It was the brainchild of Thomas Mallett (an automotive journalist) and William Locke (a retired cavalry officer). Whilst this may not seem the best skill mix for a logistics company it has proved to be fairly effective.

Having spotted the opportunity we dove headfirst into founding and running our new business. With absolutely no prior experience Ecomotive grew from a small start up to a profitable company turning over in excess of £1,000,000 in under two years.  We soon realised that whilst the basic nuts and bolts of running our business was not too difficult the higher level management and direction was far more nuanced.

We had known about Heropreneurs from the start but had neglected to really look at getting their assistance (perhaps the traditional cavalry flair and independent attitude was the impediment here). After getting in touch with Peter Mountford we have had regular skype conversations and assistance from Heropreneurs and it has been invaluable.  Peter has taken a personal interest in us and our business and provides guidance by prodding us in the right direction and making us recognise, confront and solve our own problems.  No area of the business is immune from his gaze and we have had assistance in raising finance, board level management and even in recognising our own shortcomings.

For any ex military entrepreneur with a formed business i could not recommend Heropreneurs generally and Peter Mountford specifically enough. In the few months that we have talking to them our business is on a firmer footing and we know more about our business and ourselves than we did before Heropreneurs”.

William Locke, Founder, Ecomotive