Mission Purposing Start-Ups Through and Beyond the Covid-19 Crisis

Heropreneurs are delighted to have partnered with Stuart Tootal, Partner at Matero Consulting, and former British Army Colonel, to deliver this webinar to you.

Business can be much like a war. Companies are facing an unprecedented situation, where many of the characteristics of battle: fear, loss, uncertainty and extreme risk liability, all prevail. As in battle, there will be two types of organisations in this crisis: those that can adapt to a fast-changing dynamic situation, and those that fail. The combined combat to commercial experience offers a powerful learning perspective.

Stuart Tootal led a battlegroup and was a global head at Barclays and worked with other FTSE 100s on leading in adversity. The bestselling author of ‘Danger Close – Leading 3 PARA in Afghanistan’, he is a partner in Matero; fusing military decision making and execution prowess with commercial acumen to help clients with change agendas.

Covid 19 requires organisations to have six things:

Mission purpose – and unifying intent

Empower teams – decentralise authority

Communication clarity – clear understanding

Collaborate – across silos with collective accountability

An agile and auditable decision – making methodology– for pace with precision

Repurpose Culture beyond word statements – codify leadership and conduct behaviour

In this webinar, Stuart covers each of these six themes, relating them to the importance of mission, people, strategy, process and tools in a scaleup looking to survive, purpose itself through the crisis and seize opportunities based on agile decision making and responding rapidly to changing circumstances with pace and precision. This is followed by a Q&A session, where members of the audience share their experiences and the challenges they are currently facing, ask questions, and give their views.

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